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Let’s Destroy Culture of Rape in Brazil

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We demand to President of  Brazil Dilma Rousseff  take strict action against this and  develop a emotionally supportive network and bring long term changes in the judicial, social and educational systems of  Brazil to ensure a Brazilian woman’s essential human rights. Also bring swift justice for past rape victims and take a firm stance in the prevention of future violence and sexual abuse against Brazilian women and girls. We want immediate change regarding this all.

A 16-year-old young lady has purportedly been assaulted by no less than 30 men in Rio-de Janeiro.

"The everyday society of systematizing ladies' bodies perseveres in Brazil. They are always offered signs to what constitutes satisfactory conduct. Among men, the thought that they are permitted to touch and get ladies without authorization perseveres."

The Brazilian Forum for Public Security says 47,636 assaults were accounted for in 2014. The gathering gauges that lone 35 percent of assault cases are accounted for.

Reasons behind this:-

-There is no power in the law for Brazil which stops the rapist to do such kind of shameless things.

-Crime is increasing day by day. There is no any control of government or police force on the crime as well drug smuggling or mafia. Government should take strict action on it.

- People want justice for all this crimes. If government will not take action, People start Protest against this.

-And also all responsibility to solve this problem came to our society or on our culture.

This Problem is too big to solve by our government

(Let’s Social Ostracism these Rapist from our Respected Society)

If this responsibility is understood by Society, Rapist Parents, Mango People and Government this problem is definitely solved.

Sign this petition if you believe a Brazilian woman should have capacity to go out and feel safe without surrounding herself by a crowd of her associates. Sign this petition if you believe that a young woman should be able to attend the Cinema in the evening with her friend and take public transportation home without being brutalized.  Sign this petition for the thousands of other survivors suffering in silence, without government aid and support, without the world watching. Sign this appeal to excluding these attackers, guilty parties, crooks and their supporting families from our regarded society. Sign this petition if you believe in democracy and want to restore faith in humanity! Sign this petition and support us to get better future for the Brazil.

Add your suggestions and comments at our petition site to realize positive and long term changes for the women of Brazil.  We ask that you show your support with a simple signature.  

Your voice is required at this point! Together in numbers we can impact change. Sign this petition and support to get better future for the Brazil.

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