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Stop Municipal Corporation Bathinda Sewerage Dept To Harass People of Shiv Colony Bathinda By Not Cleaning the street which is full of Gutter Water

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This Petition is related to Harassment given by Municipal Corporation Bathinda to Shiv Colony Public Bathinda by not taking any action on the complaints raised by said people for cleaning the street which is full of Gutter and sewerage water from last 15 days. We are the R/o of Shiv Mandir. Our MC named Makhan Singh is also ignoring the said matter. They are taking Rs.1500/- after 2-3 days to clean the street from us but no men power is coming to clean the same. All the peoples are also facing problem to visit shiv mandir temple. Many type of diseases, mosquitos, insects are appearing around us due to that. We are taking said matter to Corporation and MC daily but no action has been taken on our matter till date. These people are playing with sentiments of religious people also because our Shiv Temple is also victim under this matter. So let us join hands and sign this petition to aware the said authorities so that our area can be neat and clean by removing sewerage water. 

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Petition Updates

RTI Application have also been filed to Municipal Bathinda under RTI ONLINE SERVICES TEAM ( 16-Aug-2016

Information Called under RTI ONLINE SERVICES:-

1. Please send me copies of Action Taken Report on grievance of Shiv Colony Near Stella Hotel Public regarding Gutter water in street.

2. Please send me copies of rules & regulation for cleanliness of sewerage water from street.

3. Please send me copies of fixation of responsibility on grievance of Shiv Colony Public regarding dirty water Gutter water.

4. Please send me copies of names & designation of officers who are responsible behind non taking action on grievance of Public regarding dirty water Gutter water.