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Boycott Chinese goods permanently "NO EXCUSE"

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This is a Promise to Indian Patriotism and our motherland, “Boycott Chinese goods” permanently, as China has voted against India at United Nation on the question of terrorism, and has supported Pakistan in openly safeguarding Masood Azhar, the terrorist chief of “Jaish-e-Mohammed”. On one hand China is building relations with Nepal to tab Indian market by railways and on the another hand China is supporting terrorists, this is not first time China has played mischief with India, there are many incidence. China blocked India's move in U.N. seeking action against Pakistan, against Lakhvi. The boycott is in national interest. You are requested to lend your support to manifest the power and unity of Indian people.
∙ We will not permit China to conduct any exhibition anywhere in India.

∙ We will search Importers who bring Chinese good to India and request them to stop business.
∙ We will ask retailers to check products made by China and throw that product to show our anger.
∙ We will boycott Chinese mobile companies Karbon, & Micromax; and Chinese raw material purchaser like, M.I. .




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We demand Yeh China Stop Promoting Chinese product with their language and there culture 27-Jun-2016

In this situation Yeh China is promoting Chinese language, culture and there hate in India, is not tolerated, Today Timesofindia News Add for promoting Chinese Language by ,

Let’s Boycott All Chinese product with their language and culture