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Boycott Twitter until Twitter Unblocks, activates and allows #AbhijeetBhattacharya to Tweet

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Tell Twitter you are leaving until Abhijeet Bhattacharya is unbanned...
Twitter can’t do partiality banning Nationalist Hindu activists and allowing Islamic activist to post anything on twitter, Twitter has over 26 million users in India second largest social network in the country after Facebook. 
It has become a moral responsibility of twitter to become neutral for all Indians otherwise face the heat #uninstalltwitterapp immediately. 
People like  #AbhijeetBhattacharya &  #SonuNigam will never able to express their views unless current Twitter India Head is removed and Twitter India apologise to Abhijeet and Sonu Nigam

This is from #AbhijeetBhattacharya 

“We are not only singers… We are the voice of our nation and come out openly against anti-nationals. Twitter is trying to shut our voice.
A company has no right to appoint a person as its head with political views.
#TwitterIndiaHead   should be immediately removed..

#boycotttwitter , #trolltwitter #ostracizetwitter #removeTwitterIndiaHead only key weapon to understand twitter as Twitter India is working in Hindu Nation not in Islamic country .

Bharat Mata Ke Jai 

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