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India want Glass Bottomed Bridge to increase tourist from all world like china

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Two days before in China, Thousands of daredevil tourists swarm onto the world's longest glass bridge which sways at 755 feet high 

A recently opened glass walkway has welcomed as many as 20,000 tourists a day in China With a length of 1,601 feet, the popular attraction is said to be the world's longest glass bridge.

Always we see glass bridge video on our #facebook and #whatsapp we feel jealous we don't have like this bridge in our country.

If any INDIAN ever want to wonder how popular glass-bottomed bridges are in China take a look at these pictures. 

India should walk with the world step by step, India is also a big nature packed country and we required Tourist more than China so we have to make this bridge as soon as possible,

I request to Mr. Narendra Modi and Shri. K.J. Alphons take a serious step in this project to increase Tourist in our country Let's start working fast on this project sir 

Thank you 

Waiting for your Positive Reply 

Narendra Mohan




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