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Lets boycott Vijay Mallya third marriage and wedding guest

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Absconding Shameless Liquor baron Vijay Mallya is expected to marry with his long-time girlfriend and former air hostess Shameless Pinky Lalwani.

Shameless Lalwani, who is much younger to Mallya, had met him when she was hired as a flight attendant for Kingfisher Airlines in 2011

KingFisher all staff request Shameless Lalwani not to marry this Shameless Absconding  Mallya only for money as she was also flight attendant better understand pain what this Absconding  Mallaya has given to Kingfisher staff

We request all over world India is in deep pain when Mallya took India hard earned money from our banks and Abscond from India to  UK

This is like Absconding  Mallya is going to again SLAP "Hard Slap" to every Indian who can just only watch and his bullshit marriage party and their Shameless wedding guest.

Every Shameless wedding guest are criminal like Absconding  Mallya and we will oppose them we only request them don't come front of the camera we all Indians will recognise you and boycott you from our social life ........keep it in your mind.

I request all Indian citizen, Kingfisher Airline staff and UK people please help us to protest this Shameless Event going to happen on our and your CHEST.

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