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#NoTalkWithPak Revenge with Pakistan brutally kills BSF jawan

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A dastardly act of cross-border terrorism by the Pakistan Army, the mutilated body of a missing Border Security Force (BSF) jawan was found along the India-Pakistan border in Jammu on Tuesday and brutally murdered by the Pakistan Border Action Team.

Why we are silent and suffering so much without our mistake, when we are not attacking Pakistan why Pakistan is attacking us continuously should government answer this Shri Narendra Modji jee promised us it will not happen if they will become our prime minister so please answer sir this question to us 

the BSF jawan was ambushed, his weapon was confiscated and his throat was slit. The body was also found with multiple knife wounds, escalating the brutality of the murder. A barbaric attempt to behead the jawan was also made after he was shot by a sniper

Still, our government wants to talk with Pakistan, WHY, WHy Mr.Narendra Modi Why we want to talk again when you announce to talk they kis\ll us like carrot  Why WHy WHy ? 


Shit SHit Shit.......................



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