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Support Local Vendors To Remain At Their Prime Location

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Please support our local vendors livelihoods.

Navajo Nation Parks and Recreation's Bidtah Becker, Navajo Nation President Russell Begay, and Navajo Nation Vice President Jonathan Nez have each received a signed resolution halting the demolishing of the vendor booths and opposing the parking lot (245 spaces) at the First View Point at the Little Colorado River Gorge. Navajo Nation Parks and Recreation department, Navajo Nation Dept. of Transportation, N.N. Russell Begay, and N.N. VPres. Jonathan Nez turn to the public stating this project has the 'community blessings'. This is not true. Our vendors agreed to Helen Webster's proposal for a access road for safety of all motorist. They never supported the parking lot proposal that will demolish their booths and remove them from their prime location.

Our vendors have seen maps on phase 1 and phase 2 which is the 245 parking spaces. Each phase shows a temporary vendor site. At each meeting there was no map of phase 3 where the vendors might be. There is no mention of funding toward rebuilding their booths. At the most recent meeting the contractors hand-gestured where things will be, there was no map and nothing in wording regarding the futures of our local vendors in Phase 3.

Vendors (including the gas stations, and trading post) rely on tourism during peak season to save up for the down season. During the peak season, our first challenge was when NNP&R Helen Webster set business hours to her managarial abilities. The hours were cut and the vendors were impacted the most. They had to delay bill payments, delay school clothes shopping, and some applied for food assistance. The cutting of business hours showed a great concern.

If the vendors are relocated in Phase 3: away from their current Prime Location...we could see families needing financial assitance for their dependents. This will touch on the whole seller and food seller businesses as well. 

Please support our vendors to remain in their Prime Location. What's delaying Navajo Nation's Parking Lot at the First View Point is a endangered plant. Navajo Nation Fish & Wildlife has not approved the permit for the Parking project. Our Council Delegate Walter Phelps stated at the last meeting he will push the permit through so construction can begin a.s.a.p. 

(The resolutions did not carry any weight in stopping Navajo Nation Parks and Recreation. I hope the signatures from k'e will help our vendors future. Please support our Local Vendors.)

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New Meeting Scheduled by OPVP...Calling for Monument Valley and Canyon De Chelly vendors to unite with LCR vendors. 03-Sep-2018

Thank you for keeping the online petition strong. OPVP has not schedule a meeting. While they are delaying collaboration, I am learning from others that Monument Valley and Canyon De Chelly vendors are facing our same plight. Can anyone put me in contact with any vendors in Monument Valley and Canyon De Chelly? Our goal is to unify and meet with Navajo Nation Parks and Recreation and OPVP. Is it me, or does it feel like Navajo Nation Parks and Recreation is the New Bennett Freeze? If NNP&R is the New Bennett Freeze we are going to need strong supporters. I think someone from Showlow Construction (they got the bid to do the Parking Lot Project at the First View Point) sent a visitor to share his opinion with one of our vendors. He stated, "The vendors should allow this parking lot project because we will be making money." If that's the case, where's the data showing the traffic count into the current parking lot? During our peak hour of the day we get maybe 20 vehicles. There is no information provided that 245 parking spaces is needed. This parking lot project took 10 years to put together and there is still encroachment permits, endangered wildlife permits, and insurance needed. Navajo Nation Parks and Recreation keep reporting the vendors are the hold up. Navajo Nation Parks and Recreation are their own hold up. Due to their pieced together project, how can we trust that NNP&R will rebuild our booths at a new site. There is no documents showing funding. If it took them 10+ years to get this parking project done, will it take them 10+ years to rebuild the vendor booths at a new location that is not the prime location? We need to revisit the mission statement for Navajo Nation Parks and Recreation. How are they preserving the land and Dineh culture? We also should petition for a new Navajo Nation Parks and Recreation administration. P.S. Will Smith, there's a sky diving company called Paradigm that is willing to host your 65+ vehicle crew. That way your crew won't stomp all over our endangered plants, disturb our endangered wildlife in the canyon, and the livestock in the grazing vicinity won't be disturbed as well.

Let's capture 100+ signatures by this Monday 23-Aug-2018

Council Delegate Walter Phelps is pushing for Fish & Wildlife permit approval by August 30th, 2018. Following that approval, construction will begin. Please help us gather support by August 27, 2018 (This Monday). I have hand collected in-person 100+ signatures here in Cameron. I would like to hand both petitions to the Navajo Nation President and Vice President. The petitions should help us arrange a meeting with NNP&R and NNDOT, with a Peacemaker present. This meeting is needed before the vendors are relocated. Thank you! Alicia Chee