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Take immediate action on online fraud company dealsnshopping com

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Hello everyone, myself robin gupta. I want to alert all person the scams which is continue by dealsnshopping company. 

this company is totally fraud and making money by charging the people by announcing different prizes so please don't believe on them.
I'll explain all why I am saying this 
read my Complaint against this company

my name is robin gupta from mumbai, maharashtra.


I received the first call on 06/01/2016 from "" company from +91-11-4905-6309. The caller identified herself as "sonia". she told me that this is a new website and for brand promotion they are giving away gift items (Ipad, Mobile Phone) to people who buy from their website. she said firstly you need to register on our website by purchase any product minimum amount rs 299. so i purchase a t-shirt of rs 499 then she said you"ll receive confirmation call from our side next day.


next day i receive call from pon no 011-49056314 and this time person who was takling told his name "SHIVEN". He told me prizes are in two category fisrt is CASH prize (up to rs 62,000) and second is ELECTRONIC prize (43,000) and he also said me i need to pay rs 7725 for this process.


i asked why to pay when you mention this as prize. "shiven" said actually for security fee you need to pay and rs 7725 will refund in your website account wallet i.e. account.


i told mr. shiven that i can only pay half amount and half i"ll pay after proudct recieve. "shiven" said ok, no problem so at that time i paid rs.3999. he told me that i"ll receive call next day from product department.


next day i received phone call from number 011-49056317 and person introduce im as name "Mr. Raghav shahtri".


He said me to select product i choose electronic product as mobile and he said that i need to pay remaining amount for futher processing but i refuse. then in evenign i received call from same number and this time the person who was on phone told is name "RAHUL BAJAJ" and Told me thta i need to pay remaining amount so he will process my file but i said ,i already told mr. shiven that i"ll pay remaining amount after receive the product then rahul bajaj said that product will disptach only when i complete process and i refuse and demand to refund my money raul bajaj said it is long process and you will get your money 1-2 months beacuase of lengthy process.


then i paid remaing amount rs 3726 and rahul said i will call you next day for documents. Total Paid money is rs.7725


next day i received call from phone number 011-49068542 and He asked for my photo ID &  passport size photo


to be mailed to I did the same immediately. While I got the payment confirmation from my bank I did not get any confirmation from their website nor any call.he told me i"ll get call from prodcut department within 48 hours. i wait but no phone i got so i made a call  on 01149056309 and sonia told that Rahul Bajaj and siven are unavailable at the moment. i called in evening and alternate days but raul bajaj and shiven not come on phone and sonia said when they will come she will arrange call. A week gone but no pone call come.


their phone numbers are 01149056309/ 01149056314 / 01149056317 / 01149068542


I made mistake in trusting these people.






Sir, after posting complaint online i received a call from company and the person who was taking itroduce him self as “Mr. Vishal” he  said about my online complaint which i posted on some website such as consumer complaint website.


He said that company is ready to dispatch electronic product euqal to my submitted amount i.e. rs 7725 but before dispatch they wanted to take back my complaint and give a review in favour of company online where i did complaint.


But i refuse and i told them fisrlty you give me tracking id of prodcut then i will post on website but they again said to atleast give them a email on info regarding ,i have  no complaint from company so i  mailed them on on  07/01/2016  the matter was in that mail i wrote was “now i have not any complaint from this website because company is giving me product of what amount i submitted”.


They told me that after one day you will get your track id next day i call them but they said you have to wait for track id and daily they were giving me different excuse and many time told me to remove my complaint from online. Mr. Rahul bajaj also called me and said that rs 7725 is not big amount for this you did complaint online and i said why rs 7725n is not matter ?..i also ask him full address of company because company has posted address on website is incomplete i.e. “SOUTH DELHI”. Mr. rahul asked me what will you do after know our full address , i told him i want your full address because if i need to send you written notice where should i send ? he did not give me address.


They told me that any how on Monday 11/01/16 product will dispatched and trackid will be given to you and today (11/01/2016) i called them and they are saying that  electronics itmes are now out of stock so we cannot send you product and you have to wait now more time and firstly remove your complaint from online.


I told them i have invested rs 7725 in your company and there is so much delay so how can i belief that after my complaint taking back from online or after given a review in favour of your company , i”ll get product because still you only taking my time  and did not give me any solution.


 Some persons names i am writing here who always call regarding prizes ...names are “sonia”...Mr. rahul bajaj”...Mr. Siven”....”Raghav shashtri”....”Mr. Vishal” so be carefull if these person call.


I am also posting contact numbers of company


01149056309/ 01149056317/ 01149056314/ 01149058206/ 01149064601
After helping of cyber crime Control department and consumer Complaints department I got my refund. Hello everyone...myself robin gupta...some days ago i made complaint against dealsnshopping company (  and finally i get my refund rs 7725.


I want to give great thankx to website , with help of cyber crime control team i get my refund.


I am also thankful to,  who contact them and asked about my complaint.My complaint solved because of cyber crime Control and consumer Complaints and also due to social media such as many social website.

I request to all persons please create awareness again these type scams and online frauds and be alert from dealsnshopping company.

Robin Gupta
Mob no- 08805142635


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