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Ulhasnagar need IAS Tukaram Mundhe as a Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation Chief ( यह इक हस्ताक्षर अभियान है कृपया फोटो पर क्लिक कर "SIGN PETITION" क्लिक कर फॉर्म सबमिट करे )

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Tukaram Mundhe, a conscientious and disciplined official, has been replaced once again from Nashik to Mantralay. we all Ulshnagar request Chief Minister Shri Devendra Fadnvis please post and transfer IAS Tukaram Mundhe to Ulshnagar as all we know what level of corruption is involved in Ulhasnagar and what infrastructure is now broken we need corruption free IAS to handle this city to become like a Singapore like city, even we request Shri Aylani and Shri Kalani to support this cause and public demand   

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