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We all Indians demands (#UK) United Kingdom don't support crime and criminals and deport liquor baron Loan Defaulter #VijayMallya & former #IPLchairman #LalitModi back to india

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Our country’ hottest topic is nothing but Vijay Mallya. He has put our country and law to the shame in front of the world. Once the king of good times now is the king of bad times!! Hiding from the banks still tweets he is not a coward. 


Regular working people are always ready to follow and respect all the laws made by our government. But the great Indian Businessman and Rajya sabha member refuses laws like anything and ran away without paying a huge amount. This is totally intolerable.

After filing unbailable warrant still he is missing and not ready to come in front of court. Our government should force the country in which he is residing now, to cancel his visa. One side we are listening the news that how banks fail to get loan amount from Vijay Mallya and on the other side our poor farmers are attempting suicide whose loan amount is just negligible as compared to this fraud. Don’t you think this is horrible??

 All the culprits of India are out of India somewhere in UK. UK government should not allow such culprits to live in their country. This is just like, do frauds and crimes in India and go in UK to hide from Indian government. UK government will hide you safely. The big question is to the UK government “Does they tolerate the criminals in their own country?” Then why are they not supporting to catch Indian criminals who are residing in the UK fearlessly. Everyone in this world wants to live in the peaceful and safe society. But will the society be safe if people like Vijay Mallya and Lalit Modi is residing in the society??

 This petition is to address UK people and government not to allow Indian criminals to live in their country. Help India to catch Vijay Mallya,Lalit Modi and all other criminals residing in their country.    

Let’s make a strong support to this petition to address UK government.UK people should support this petition to clean up their country from criminals. Vijay Mallya should be caught as early as possible and should be punished for his frauds. Banks should get the entire amount from him. Otherwise many other businessmen will find their ways to fraud the Government.

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Vijay Mallya booed in London 11-Jun-2017

Vijay Mallya booed in London, People know the truth. He can't hide in any we are everywhere.

Vijay Mallya booed in London 11-Jun-2017

People know the truth. He can't hide in any we are everywhere., We national indians are every were we will catch him and deport him

India asks UK to deport embattled tycoon Vijay Mallya 29-Apr-2016

NEW DELHI (Reuters) - India said on Thursday it had asked Britain to deport Vijay Mallya, the liquor tycoon who flew to London last month as bankers pressed him to repay about $1.4 billion owed by his defunct Kingfisher Airlines.