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WE DEMAND OUR HONORABLE MR LAL KRISHNA ADVANI BE OUR NEXT 15th PRESIDENT OF INDIA AT 2022 BJP This time No Excuse Please "Sign this Petition" Every Sign direct deliver to BJP and PMO

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Mr Lalkrishna Adwani widely regarded as an individual of great intellectual ability, strong principles, and unweaving support for the idea of strong and prosperous India. He is never comprised, on his core belief in nationalism and yet has displayed flexibility in political, responses whenever it was dominated by the situation. At the age of fourteen he was dedicated his life to the service of nation ever since. Indian political history and arena of politician after 1980 is dominated by a personality from community very rarely active politics ever since the partition of the country in 1947. Inspired by R.S.S. ideals of patriotism discipline and various training impartial L.K.Adwani, joined R.S.S., and became a Swayamsevak, of the sangh.Hon’ble Shri L.K.Adwaniji is a name that needs no introduction A veteran Indian Political and former leader of B.J.P. L. K. Aaadwaniji,s ambitious journey spanning over three decades has been quite eventful and interesting. Not to say even bumpy at of the most widely regarded face in the realms of Indian politics. The political career of this octogenarian politician has been denied by a slew of controversies. However his intellectual forte rock -firm principle, and values sailed him out to of all odds and even and helped him to build his political ambitions to greater heights. A man of self-strength, power and conviction. L. K. Adwani continues to be an inspiration for many even today. L.K.Adwaniji born to Krishnachand D. Adwani, and Gyanidevi, in Karachi, Sindh, then undivided part of india, He completed his education from St. Patrics High School , and Dayaram Gidwani, National College, in Pakistan, and went on to graduate from Govt. Law p college in Mumbai, He completed his sociology, from Mumbai University Whatever his party deputed him he enormously succeeded it. His seniority and vast experience in Indian politics, are evident from the fact that he played key roles both as a ruling party member and also as member of opposition party in the Loksabha .His role of both as a rulling party member and opposite leader in the parliament is the very well example of the thorough knowledge of the problems of the India and his firmness to go throug it is the plus and positive point to him to became next President of India. Lalkrishana Adwani was confirmed with outstanding parliamentarian award, in 1999 by Indian parliamentary Group also the key stone and unbeatable point of his successful next President of india . Mr. L. K. Adwani is rare Sindhi, firmness of thought like the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. Adwaniji served India in the year 1980, in the position of Home affair Minister and additionally as a Deputy Prime Minister of India. In his autobiography book, he includes, mentions of events in Indian politics and Indian History from 1900 till 2007.Pl sign this petition to get us very popular and politically seasoned next President of India

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