Terms of Service


Petitioner's Account

  1. The website can be used by way of creating an account by signing up, starting a petition or signing a petition. Any activity taken up to promote the said petition on any other platform or third-party website will be exclusively linked to the users account. Any other actions performed like sending messages and other usage of the website by user will also be linked to this account. The minimum age for using the website is 18 years. The account is password protected and the liability of any infringement done by the account would lie upon the user identifying with that account and hence the password needs to be kept safely.
  2. Information provided for creation of the account must be true and accurate along with a genuine and working email address. Any harm done by any person (you or someone else) using your account, the responsibility of the same would be in the user, if it is suspected that the account is being used by another person or there is unidentifiable account activity the same should be reported immediately to the website. This account cannot not be shared, transferred with another person and the user shall refrain from using any other person's account.
  3. The user needs to be above 18 years of age any user identified as being younger would have his account terminated.

Posts and Comments

  1. The petitions created on the website must not violate the intellectual property rights of another person, meaning the creation must be authentic and original and only something you are allowed to use as content.  
    Community Guidelines : The use of hate speech, any content which glorifies or incites violence, cyber bullying, threatening, stalking is prohibited. Any material which infringes upon the privacy of another, extreme graphic content : Some amount of emotional promotion can be used to sensitize the masses though the post and the comment should come with a warning. Although children below 18 years are not allowed to use the website pornographic material and any content which is violative of child protection is prohibited. 
    Prohibited Content  
    Racial intolerance, or advocacy against any individual, group, or organization. Pornography, adult, and mature content.  
    Hacking / cracking content.  
    Illicit drugs and drug paraphernalia.  
    Excessive profanity.  
    Gambling or casino related content.  
    Related to weapons or ammunition.  
    Sales or promotion of prescription drugs.  
    Any other content that is illegal, promotes illegal activity, or infringes on the legal rights of others.  
  2. No user shall impersonate another user or any other person while using the account. Spamming for commercial purposes like direct sales of products or advertisements for a business or a self-run endeavour are not to be made while posting on the website. Dont post private information, like private email addresses, credit card numbers, addresses, telephone numbers, or photographs of people without their consent. 
  3. Creation of multiple accounts is not allowed by our website and one must be careful that correct and accurate information is provided while creating an account and using the account.


Law Enforcement

Users cannot post any content that violates local or national laws, or international laws or regulations. The sole responsibility of posting such content and the resulting consequences rests with the user. 

  1. Regulatory authority of the website: If it is observed or is brought to our notice that the content posted by the user infringes upon the rights of other and violates the terms laid down under clause 1 under 'posts and comments' of the terms of service or the content is found to be offensive, objectionable or inappropriate. The website would edit the content to make it appropriate or may even ask the user to edit it. The website can also remove such content if the content does not comply with the Community Guidelines mentioned in clause 1 under 'posts and comments' of the terms.  
  2. Permission : The discretion to allow the use off the website remains with us and we may discontinue, terminate or disable the account upon grave misconduct or repeated violations. No notice regarding this would be given to the user. The terms are to be followed strictly while using the website. Account would be deleted for the following reasons: on the request of legal authorities, government agencies, dormant accounts, technical issues, any account performing fraudulent or illegal activities. The content of the user may/may not be visible after such termination. The user agrees that no liability lies on the website for removal or blocking access to the website to the user or any other party and that the content can also be permanently removed from the website.



  1. The ownership of the content (includes photos, gifs, documents) posted on the website is retained with the owner. Our position regarding this content is that of a sub-licensee i.e. by posting you agree that we are authorised for utilise, copying, reproducing, modifying, processing, adapting, publishing, transmission, displaying, reformatting and distributing the content in all media forms or distribution methods. You agree that other users may do the same. The content will be shared with our partners and other related organisations for broadcasting or remodelling it for other media. You also agree that you are allowed to post such content. We owe no royalty and all the content is royalty-free. 
  2. Publicly Available 
    Content posted or submitted would be publicly available i.e. all the petitions created, signed, comments posted, activity performed on the website. If the user wants confidentiality to be maintained such content should not be posted. Signatures, content and all that is done on the website will be accessible publicly, this also covers content posted on third-party websites. Promotion through other platforms is encouraged. Content of any other users petition should not be modified or edited to remove content while promoting the same through third party websites and also on the website. The content should be shared for information purposes and not for commercial use. If there is a requirement for removal of content from a third party website that website should be contacted for this purpose. 
  3. Backup  
    A backup should be maintained for all your content the website will not be responsible to store and preserve such content. 
  4. Copyright Infringement 
    If you feel that a user of the website has infringed your copyright the same shall be immediately reported to us with the link/URL to the material that you claim has been copied from your work. We respect authentic work and if such content is found to be copied the user will be issued a warning and the work would be removed with immediate effect. 
  5. Indemnity 
    The user agrees to indemnify and defend Socialostracism and associated organisation/partners associated with us, against any claims, demands, losses, damages or expenses pertaining or arising from the content you posted on the website, by usage of the website or by violation of these terms or by infringement to rights of a third-party. Indemnification obligation will survive the termination of these Terms and the users's use of the website and its services.

Website is open to all

Content posted on the website is not monitored for being legal and the sources being accurate. Users may have commercial interest in posting the petitions. No liability and responsibility lies on the website to monitor such illegal content which infringes upon intellectual property or is defamatory and does not comply with our terms and guidelines. The website does not take responsibility for the content posted, and the sources mentioned or for the accuracy of such content and the user may rely on it at their own risk. If the user finds that the content is inappropriate, that content should be brought to our notice and the necessary action would be taken. The user can report any inappropriate content found on the website. The website does not take responsibility for the personal opinions posted by the users. The website is an open platform and the compliance of the content with legal parameters is not monitored.


While using the website any links leading to other websites which are visible on the page may navigate you to a new website. The same activity should be taken care of by the user. Our website does not take responsibility of content of such third-party website or the information they collect and it is advised that the terms and conditions and privacy policy of the other website be read thoroughly to keep yourself protected.  

Rights we hold

The website holds exclusive rights to title and interest in the name Socialostracism.com and any other future endeavours in the name of Socialistracism.com the same is protected through copyrights and trademarks. No logos, features, domain names may be used which identify with Socialostracism.com. Information pertaining to those employed by us and information regarding our partners are the property of the website.

The Don't-go-to area

Please do not venture in the areas of the website they are a no-go-to area.

You may not do any of the following while using the website:

  1. Usage of the non-public part of the website, the technical systems, the computers or tampering and modifying them is strictly not allowed.
  2. Discovery of source codes, copying and modifying or usage of reverse engineers. Even an attempt to do so is not allowed.
  3. Disabling features in relation to security and attempt to interfere with the security of the website is not allowed.
  4. Automated searches are prohibited unless otherwise permitted to you by the website. Deploying crawlers on the website is not allowed.
  5. Usage the platform for sending false information appearing to be that from the website or disrupting the use of the website by another user, network or a host. Sending of viruses, spamming and creating an overload on the services of the website is not allowed.  

Dispute resolution

The website promotes healthy discussions and hence if any dispute arises between our website and another party, the party should send us a notice and a mutual attempt at dispute resolution in a bona fide manner by holding negotiations and talks in lieu of the notice will take place for finding the earliest solution. If within 60 days the dispute resolution mechanism does not reach a resolution then any subsequent claim can be made through initiating legal proceedings and the parties may approach the Court for a legal remedy. All disputes would lie to District Courts of New Delhi, India.

The Legal nitty-gritties

The ways in which an online free website which helps people post publicly and without restrains can be unfathomable. The terms of service decide the amount of responsibility of  user and the limits of the responsibility of this website. We at Socialostracism believe in that an informed citizen is the greatest tool to a progressive nation. We are working towards a change and in the process we need to protect us and you from any harm.

  1. Certain rights which seemed to have been waived off can be enforced at a later stage. The rights have not been waived off indefinitely. Licenses and permissions to any person or company under these terms can only be granted by the website and no other user or person can assign or grant such licenses or permissions. 
  2. Network-failure, natural calamities, situation of war, terrorism activities, power failures, ban on the website by the concerned government, situations beyond reasonable control would not make us liable upon delay or non-performance. 
  3. The website is used by the user at their own risk and content is made available to them without monitoring. Socialostracism and associated partners and organisations disclaim any warranty of infringement and all warranties that are implied pertaining to a any purpose undertaken on the website. 
  4. The website does not provide any guarantees that the usage of the website would be secure, uninterrupted and error-free. No guarantee is undertaken that source of contents is accurate or reliable. Also, no guarantee pertaining to definitive results is given. 
  5. Vulnerability of your system is totally your responsibility  and any content downloaded or accessed which may contain or download bugs, trojan horses, trackers, key-loggers or other malwares which may harm the computer and Socialostracism.com would not be responsible for the same. 
  6. Socialostracism reserves the right to disclose information about users where required in good faith, to do so by law or to exercise our legal rights or defend ourselves against legal claims. Socialostracism further reserves the right to share information with law enforcement to investigate or prevent illegal activities being committed over our network. We may disclose the personal information we collect about our users when we believe disclosure is necessary to investigate, prevent, or respond to suspected illegal or fraudulent activity or to protect the safety, rights, or property of us, our users, or others. Socialostracism reserves our rights to disclose your personal information where you have given us explicit legal written consent to do so.

Limitation to liability

Till the extent permissible under law the website and associated parties should not be held liable if services of our website may be terminated without notice. We and our partners are not liable for any damages caused by such termination. This includes data loss and other accruing issues. No obligations for any direct or indirect damage, consequential, incidental, accidental or special liability regarding loss of data, injury to person (not exhaustive) should lie whether arising out of a contract, agreement, negligence. No liability or guarantees arise out of any damages which may arise if a person is disallowed from using the account, using other platforms, accessing the website in an unauthorised manner to modify, alter, distribute content. For any actions on a third party website and any content of the third-party website made available to the user by this website or by advertisement in this website.


The terms of service should be treated as a binding agreement on any person engaging with or using the website. You agree that by using Socialostracism.com you are bound by the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy. You agree that you will post only permitted content and not infringe upon the rights of another user. You agree that if you are a representative for another organisation, government or company you are authorised to use the website on their behalf.


Disclaimer with respect to the  Maharashtra Prohibition of People from Social Boycott (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2016. 

Even though our name is “Social Ostracism”, we want to tell you that we are not engaged in the act of Social Ostracism. We are a petition website which is dutybound to make changes for better in the society. Only our name is Social Ostracism and we do not endorse Social Ostracism in any way, means or in practice. We clearly adhere to the Maharashtra Prohibition of People from Social Boycott (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2016