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Rahul Easwar is free now

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Shri Rahul Easwar is free now from jail and return home

Petition: Rahul Easwar was fighting for you!! Now who will fight for Our Hero Rahul Easwar? #freerahuleaswar #savesabarimalahero #savesabarimala

Decision Maker was PM Shri Narendra Modi   

Rahul Easwar is behind bars since 17th October midnight. The offense as a Kerala government - instigating violence, hindering duty of public officials.

Rahul Easwar was fighting for us Now we will fight for Rahul in a peaceful manner "we will raise our voice without any noise"

Sign this petition, every signature will send to our PM Shri Narendra Modi and Kerala CM. instantly when you will sign.

 Rahul Easwarfasting behind the bars, 40hrs & Counting if we want Rahul Easwar please support Rahul Easwar

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