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Victory of Nominate two Anglo Indians to the Lok Sabha as provided in the constitution

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Victory of Nominate two Anglo Indians to the Lok Sabha as provided in the constitution on Social Ostracism

Petition: Nominate two Anglo Indians to the Lok Sabha as provided in the constitution

Decision Maker was Mr. Narendra Modi   

-Constitutional right to nomination of Anglo Indian representatives to Parliament. 
 Seven months after the forming of the new Lok Sabha, the Union government is yet to nominate two Anglo-Indian representatives to the Lok Sabha with members of the community having now written to the Prime Minister urging him to "take necessary steps" in the matter.

Concerned over the "inordinate delay" in the nomination of their representatives to Lok Sabha, would means government is functioning in breach of constitutional law.

After Independence The Anglo-Indian community is the only Indian community that has its own representatives nominated to the Lok Sabha, in India's Parliament. This right was secured by Frank Anthony, the first and long time president of the All India Anglo-Indian Association. The community is represented by two members. This is done because the community has no native state of its own. States like Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Bihar, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, etc;  also have a nominated member each in their respective State Legislatures,

Clearly, within the demographic structure of India, the Anglo-Indian community is a minority, and holds a peculiar position in the country, because of its sparse numbers, at times, the community is not adequately represented in Parliament. It has been seen that members from the Anglo-Indian community, are mostly not elected. In such cases, the President of India nominates two members from this community as M.P’s in the Lok Sabha, The Constitution, under Article 331, empowers the President to nominate a maximum of two members from the Anglo-Indian community. There is at present provision for two nominated Anglo-Indian members in the House of the People.

Just as the President is empowered to make these nominations, the Governors of regional States are empowered under Article 333, to nominate one member from the Anglo-Indian community, to the State Legislative Assembly. These provisions on the whole, show the genuine desire of the framers of the Constitution, to accommodate the special interests of a small minority community, like the Anglo-Indians, and infuse confidence in them.

When the British left India in 1947, the Anglo-Indians were apprehensive of their future in free India but soon, members of the community found that their interests were safe; but have now again begun to fear, whether the present government will adhere to law.

Hereinbelow; are signatories to this petition, demanding implementation of constitutional guarantees:-

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